Facilities Maintenance Services

The facilities maintenance unit of the company is driven by a bold vision and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, with deep-seated relationships with our clients and customer base. We deliver global solutions in the areas of Facilities Development, Maintenance and repairs, Equipment, Labour and Materials supplies.

Gabson’s Facility Maintenance Services, offers a full range of maintenance services for office buildings, high tech facilities, residentials, hotels, eateries/fast foods restaurants, Schools and fitness facilities.

Our Mission

“To provide our clients with quality, responsive services at competitive rates with high safety values”

We provide our services on large, medium and small scales, tailored to fit your unique needs which includes:

(a) Carpentry work/Furniture and Fittings

(b) Renovations

(c) Welding

(d) Painting

(e) Plumbing

(f) Electrical

(g) Tiling

(h) Floor Maintenance

(i) Air-conditioning Units Repair & Servicing

(j) Power Generating Units Repair & Servicing

Pricing and Billing System

While facilities managers have faced challenges between providing quality service and affordable pricing, GESL uses an innovative approach that brings Excellence in both crucial areas to its clients.

Our services are priced based on the nature of the task involved, after thorough assessment and costing of materials based on prevailing market price.

Our Selling Points

Gabson Engineering Services Ltd runs on a structure that allow for a robust facility maintenance program to unfold by providing:

(a) A One-Stop Shop.

(b) In-house training/re-training.

(c) Team of well Trained Professionals.

(d) Use of First-class Quality Materials.

(e) Unmatched Customer Service.

(f) Timely Response to requests or challenges.

(g) Constant follow-up through scheduled phone calls and on-site presence to check with our clients.

24 X & Helpline


Consultancy Services

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